Jason Orlosky
Augmented Reality Specialist, Translator, Engineer
Jason Orlosky is the founder of JEOresearch and is currently a PhD student at Osaka University. Fluent in both Japanese and English, he has worked in industry in the United States for over three years and has been engaged in research, entrepreneurship, and translation since 2011.  His primary areas of expertise are in augmented reality, computer vision, healthcare, IT infrastructure, and technical translation. 

Mamiko MatsumotoTranslator and MC

Mamiko Matsumoto is a translator and a bilingual MC for seminars, conventions and symposiums. She has acted as an MC for more than 500 events including company events, kick off meetings, concerts, and weddings. She excels in professional presentations and takes pride in contributing original ideas and having think-outside-the-box sensibility.

Tommy Ager

Tommy Ager is a Seattle based translator who studied Japanese at the University of Washington. He has translated several published manga titles, a number of fiction pieces, and technical documentation. After spending a semester furthering his Japanese studies at Osaka University in 2014, he is now focusing on acquiring new languages and improving his translation ability.

Regina Trueblood
Drafting and Creative Design