An Open Source Eye Training Game for Strabismus/Lazy-eye

Recent evidence has shown that Virtual Reality can help correct strabismus, also known as lazy-eye [1]. One game developed for this purpose is known as "Diplopia Game", which has been used in prior and ongoing research and clinical studies. 

My goal has been to develop a very basic, open-source replica of the game that anyone can use or modify.  My mother has strabismus, which motivated me to create a copy due to the unavailability of other games.  Note that this game is a prototype, and comes with no warranties or guarantees.  Use and modify at your own risk.

I have listed two links below, which include a zip file of the game itself (should work out of the box) and the unity assets file.  If you just want to try the game, you can download the game files, extract them to a folder on your hard drive, and run the .exe.  Note that you need an Oculus Rift and the 0.7 or higher runtime, which can be found HERE

The concept is very simple: Match the cursor (presented to the left eye) with the cube (presented to the right eye). The cube will re-position itself once a match is made. The cube will also decrease in size and become more transparent as time goes on, meaning one eye will have to work harder as time progresses. The game should be played about 10 minutes a day, or until the cube is no-longer perceptible. I plan to make the game more adaptive and alternate content between eyes in the near future. 

----Downloads ---- 
Game Files at the link below: 
Download Eye Trainer Zip File (~40MB Compressed)
The zip file can be opened with 7zip, which can be found HERE.

Unity asset package at the link below:

As always, feel free to contact me with comments or questions.

[1] Blaha, J., & Gupta, M. (2014, March). Diplopia: A virtual reality game designed to help amblyopics. In Virtual Reality (VR), 2014 iEEE (pp. 163-164). IEEE.